Rimba Racer

Rimba Racer 8.2
  • Title: Rimba Racer
  • Release Date: 25-12-2013
  • Network: Sonic
  • Quality: 480p
  • Audio: Hin-Tam-Eng
  • Subtitle: N/A
  • Audio Credits to TheDnk
This fast and furious tale revolves around the experiences of Tag, a street smart racing prodigy who is invited to participate in the world’s most prestigious racing competition: The RIMBA Grand Prix. As a newcomer to the competition, he’s determined to make a name for himself by clinching the title. We follow Tag’s rise to fame as he learns new skills and overcomes his personal weaknesses. Off the track, we get to join in on Tag’s adventures as he gains new allies and clashes with other racers who view him as a threat in their own quest for glory. As the series progresses, we also discover the hidden agendas behind the competition and find out that not everything is at seems on the race.

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  • Episode 1: The New Guy
    Tag, a common street racer, is presented with an invitation to participate in the RIMBA Grand Prix, the most prestigious racing event on the planet. The 13th season of the RGP is starting soon, and Tag sets out to prove his worth.
    Episode 2: Welcome to the Big Time
    Tag's entry into the world of the RIMBA Grand Prix isn't as smooth as he thought. As Tag prepares for the first race of the season, he gets sized up by the other racers and quickly realizes that this tournament won't be a smooth ride.
    Episode 3: Playing with Fire
    Due to his performance in the last race, Tag is finally getting noticed among the racers. However, all that attention leads to an incident that puts him in danger of missing the next race. Meanwhile, certain individuals have a special interest in Tag for their own mysterious agendas.
    Episode 4: Snakes, Rattles & Rolls [Eng]
    Tag's confidence gets shaken upon learning the location of the next race, severely affecting his ability to drive. With some help from unlikely friends, Tag tries to overcome his personal demons while coming to terms with his family's past.
    Episode 5: Can I Get A Ka-Ching!
    With their money running out, Tag and Miles learn the high cost of what it takes to continue participating in the RGP. On the race, Tag discovers that there is still a great deal to learn when racing in the big leagues.
    Episode 6: Mostly truly Confessions
    Due to an unfortunate confrontation in the corridors of the Ark, Tag finds himself on another racer's grudge list. At the same time, Tamira is having difficulties with some of King's orders.
    Episode 7: It's Just Business
    Despite his current success in the tournament, Tag is disappointed to discover that the race is not as fair as he once thought it to be. He learns the hard way that getting on the bad side of the wrong people could come with consequences.
    Episode 8: Versus
    Tag and his allies come up with a strategy to disrupt King's plans for the RIMBA Grand Prix. In the race, none of them are prepared for how far King is willing to go to make sure things proceed just the way he wants them to.
    Episode 9: It's Good To Be The King
    Due to the events of the previous race, Tag's motivation for continuing the race is waning, and the his absence take a toll on the other racers. With Sonny hurt, and the Ripper destroyed, Tag is forced to make a drastic decision.
    Episode 10: The New Order
    With nobody left to oppose him, King seems to be in complete control of the race and all its racers. Surprisingly, Tamira tries to convince Tag to stay and fight. Having no other choice, she takes matters into her own hands.
    Episode 11: Rock & A Hard Place
    Due to his absence from the RGP, Tag is on the verge of being completely disqualified from the tournament. After receiving some unexpected help, Tag struggles to make a last-ditch maneuver to return to the race.
    Episode 12: Finish Line: Part 1
    The final race of the season is here. The Ark travels to RGP Island, the location for the tournament's grand finale. Although King has devised a way to prevent Tag and his friends from interfering with his plans, Miles and Tamira have their own scheme to carry out.
    Episode 13: Finish Line: Part 2
    The tournament comes to an exciting and unpredictable ending. Tag gives King an ultimatum which will change the course of the next racing season.
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